Lap Swim FAQ

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1.  When does your pool open for 2019?  We open for the season on June 26.  We may have preseason weekends, weather permitting.
2.  What is the size of your pool?  The pool is 25yd, 6 lane for the main part of the pool.  We have an additional large shallow end and an additional connected diving well.
3.   Can you describe the facility:  is there locker room, show facility, etc.?  We have a bath house with changing rooms, showers, and bathrooms.  We have a snack bar and a separate kiddie pool. We have a pavilion with picnic tables, ping pong and fussball.
4.   What is the schedule for Lap Swim?  We have lap swimming 6:00AM-7:30AM Mon, Wed and Fri.  (You can do that membership for $90).  Additionally we always have at least 1 lap lane open during our regular pool hours 12:30PM-8:00PM.  If you join with a single, senior, or family membership, you have access to the morning lap time as well as the regular pool hours.
5.   What is the arrangement for Lap Swim, 2 people share a lane, or you allow circular swim in a lane?  You decide that with the person in the lane.  There is no designated rule.
 6.   Is the fee of $90 for all lap swimmers, for the whole season of 2019, including people from other town like me?  We are a non-profit org, not a town pool so everyone pays the same and there’s no residency requirement.  We have people from many places around Red Hook.  Yes, if you do the lap swimming membership, it is good for the morning lap swim only for the entire season.
 7.   Any additional information that I should know if I decide to join?  We’re a pretty amazing place to hang out in the summer!